As a fellow gym rat myself, I know when swine flu first broke out I grew increasingly concerned about contracting the illness myself. My workplace started offering sanitary wipes for our workstations, doors and door handles to cut down the numbers of staff members who missed work due to the illness. Within a few weeks the number of illness-related absences decreased.

Following the success in my office I thought about how easily individuals could utilize sanitation in all other public places.My gym has hand sanitation stations throughout the premises, but just like individuals don’t wash their hands, I watched as countless people walk by without a second look at the dispensers.

In my opinion, gym wipes are the way to go. They’re quick and easy to use. You don’t have to spray anything on the machine and make sure you carry around towels. You just grab them, clean off, throw away, and go. Of course the gym has to stock sanitation wipes around every few machines to increase use, but it will work given proper placement.

So I proposed the idea to the manager at my gym. He thought it was a worthwhile idea, but not something the executives at the franchise level would approve based on the cost of implementation. Despite my best efforts, I was unsuccessful in my quest.

Now instead of waiting for the staff at my gym to provide the tools to protect myself, I carry my own gym wipes around. I’ve yet to catch the swine flu or any other illness for that matter, so I know the wipes work well. I can’t afford to be wrong, and neither can you. Stay safe and protected with sanitary wipes at our fitness center.